Biography عبدالله بارك الكوري

1986.04.15. I was born in Busan city, Republic of Korea (South Korea)
1997. Sacheon cultural festival and in Jinju art festival, calligraphy competition entered in the exhibition
2002. My first debut in the Indie music community called under musician name Rapain.
2002.10.26 Wins the grand prize at a popular music contest in Guri, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
2005.02.16. Graduated from Seoul Samyook High School
2006. Started a Sport: Boxing
2006.10.13. My first musical product called Rapain 1st Digital Single “Rap Is Pain” Producer, Lyricist, Mixing, Rap, Vocals
2007.06.21. Started Working at Boxing Gym (Trainer)
2007.09.14. My second musical product called Rapain Digital Single “Bittersweet Dream” Music Producer, Lyricist, Rapping
2009.12.30. My reversion to Islam.
2010.02.19. Work at Islamic Book Center & Adam Publishing House
2010.04.06. KBS(Korean Broadcasting System) interview at KBS 10 depth report.
2010.04.17. I made Korean Islamic website,, under the title of ‘Islam for Korean’
2010.5..7. Introduction of KOREAISLAM.COM at WEEKLY MUSLIM number 969.
2010.07.24. Indonesia TRANS7 broadcast interview. (at Korea)
2010.07.28. Voluntary at Seoul Central Masjid as MUADHIN,
2010.08.11. Interview with The Dong-A Ilbo, e TV
2010.08.17. Interview with CGNTV (christian broadcast).
2010.09.03. 1st place winner in QUR’AN RECITATION COMPETITION at Seoul Central Masjid
2010.09.09. Work at Seoul Central Masjid as MUADHIN and for Dawah,
2010.09.29. Appeared in KBS 1TV Wednesday Special documentary under the name “biggest festival in Islam”
2001.05.03. Herald Business Interview
2011.05.18. The Hankyoreh Interview (The Young souls connected with Shahada)
2012.01.27. Studied Abroad at Islamic University of Madinah in Saudi Arabia


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